God's Children Empowered Projects

Below are the different projects we undertake to make the lives of these little children better for the future. Providing them a good foundation with the right teachers to guide them a right and a friendly environment; gives not just the children but also their families hope for a better tomorrow.

Primary & Nursery School

Primary & Nursery School We run both a nursery for underprivileged children in Nigeria from the age of five, and we also run a primary school for children aged between 6 and 11 years.
£2 Will feed a child at lunch for an entire school term!
£8 will buy a child's uniform
a month would pay for a child’s education, travel to and from school and school lunch. Sponsor a GCE child

Event Centre

event garden

We are looking to commission an event centre near the school to provide another source of sustained income to support the Free education of pupils admitted into the school..

Sponsor a GCE child

Secondary School

Secondary School

£24 will pay a child’s school fees for a month
£70 will pay a child’s school fees for a term

Sponsor a GCE child

Ground Maintainance

Ground maintainanceWe make the effort to keep the school looking presentable.

£24 will cover the cost of painting the school swings and slides once a year.

Sponsor a GCE child

School Bus

School Bus We are currently renting three school buses to provide transport to our students who would otherwise not be able to attend school from the rural areas.
£329 per hired school bus per term
£985.60for all 3 hired buses per term Sponsor a GCE child